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  • Geosonda d.o.o. Zenica

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  • Geosonda d.o.o. Zenica

Scope of basic activities

Special works in the sphere of Civil Engineering

1. Drilling and construction of micro piles
2. Drilling and installing  of anchors and anchorages of all types as well as contact and consolidation grouting with all types of grout mixes, soil consolidation as to upgrade bearing capacity of soil,
3. Concrete rehabilitation works
4. Hydro-insulation installation works
5. Shotcrete works
6. Rehabilitation works at landslides, slopes and cuttings

Geotechnical, geological and hydro-geological exploratory works and testing

  1. Field works and testing
  2. Laboratory works
  3. Geophysical testing
  4. Office works and design

Hydraulic structures

  1. Construction of shallow and deep grout curtains a
  2. Grouting works in the accumulation basins
  3. Rehabilitation works at hydraulic tunnels, dams and other hydraulic structures

Construction of industrial, residential and commercial properties

  1. Construction of the facility for elderly and ailing person at – Bjelavići Kakanj 1996/1997
  2. Construction of the Catholic School Centre in Zenica, 2000/ 2002
  3. Execution of construction works at Electric Arc Furnace structure in Mittal Steel Steelworks - Zenica, 2004
  4. Construction of a housing facility for disadvantaged in Zenica, 2004/2005
  5. Construction of the Catholic Church in Plehan, 2005-2007

Current projects

  • Rehabilitation works in the headrace tunnel of HPP Dubrovnik